Protect Your Business: 4 Key Advantages of Security Fencing

Whether your company is located within a small commercial house or large corporate property, undoubtedly, you will have put in a great deal of dedication and time into building up your business. For business continuity and brand reputation, it’s crucial that your commercial property receives the protection and security it deserves. How do you do this? Let’s talk security fencing!

For ultimate protection of your business, the first port of call is to install preventative measures. Security fencing is an ideal choice to protect commercial and domestic properties alike, acting as a significant deterrent against criminals and ceasing any problems before they have the chance to materialise. 

So, what are the four top advantages of security fencing for your business?


The main advantage of installing security fencing is the superior physical protection that it offers. Installing high-quality fencing is an ideal preventative solution to protect your business from any break-ins, vandalism, trespassing, squatting or attempted robberies. There are many different types of fencing that you can choose from according to the level of security, budget or appearance that your business requires.

For instance, mesh panel fencing is often chosen due to its medium security protection, whilst offering an attractive perimeter fence that allows people to see both in and out. In comparison, palisade fencing provides a strong, private and robust security barrier, but also offers more of an imposing deterrent and shows that your company has taken its security seriously.

We understand that each business has different requirements, which is why we offer a huge range of fencing options to protect against threats which are most relevant to your premises.   

Access control

Installing security fencing offers perimeter access control, allowing you to effectively manage the flow of traffic to and from your premises. Palisade gates are often used in conjunction with palisade fencing to finish off the security set-up, which enables your company to control and screen authorised entry into the property by deterring entry elsewhere along the boundary.

Furthermore, if your site contains multiple departments and offices, security fencing and access control gates enables you to monitor and control where individuals on the site are, ensuring everyone is where they should be for emergency strategies, employee tracking, resource usage and energy efficiency purposes.

Kerb appeal and aesthetics

It is also worth considering the aesthetic appeal of your perimeter. Whether you are after decorative yet secure or intimidating and a strong deterrent, security fencing solutions are designed to give that all-important first impression. Choosing a fencing material that complements your buildings, grounds and surrounding areas can make your property look inviting to your customers and clients.

That’s right, effective fencing doesn’t have to be unsightly or ugly! In fact, fencing can also be used to hide warehouses or other buildings on your property that are not meant to be attractive, whilst ensuring their protection. Fencing can come in multiple styles and colours, which can be chosen to blend in with their environment or align with your brand colours for a coherent and professional look.

Long-term value for money

Security fencing can offer a strong return on investment and great value for money. Installing entry control systems and alarms are much more expensive to implement, not to mention the ongoing costs, services and even staff required to maintain them. It can offer a hard-wearing and durable security option, requiring minimal maintenance and providing an effective and low-cost alternative for the business.  

In addition, the installation of fencing can also reduce insurance premiums for your company. Whilst insurance can save you a lot of stress and long-term expense, insurance premiums are typically quite expensive and can be a significant cost for many business owners. All insurance providers want to insure responsible customers that have reduced their likelihood of being affected by crime, so improving your company’s security precautions with robust security fencing are one of a few measures that can reduce your insurance costs.

Combining and guaranteeing both practicality and style, today’s modern security fencing solutions offer more style, versatility and secure protection than properties have ever seen before. To choose the right protection for your business, we highly recommend you discuss your requirements with an experienced fencing contractor, who will be able to advise the best solution for you. 

Would you like to know more about security fencing or get a quote? We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in top security fencing and can guarantee that all your needs and requirements will be met. Simply give our team a call today or contact us here for more information – we are always happy to advise and create a bespoke security fencing strategy for you.

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