What is Site Hoarding, And Why Do You Need It?

Forming a strong perimeter around a building or construction site, site hoarding forms a crucial part of any construction plans, and is a common sight in our daily lives. Available in many different materials, in different heights, and with varying degrees of security, durability and aesthetics, there are a vast range of site hoarding types available to suit every application. In this blog, we’ll examine the four key benefits of site hoarding, and why site hoarding is so important for your construction site.

  1. Prevent unauthorised access to your site

Theft within the construction industry costs the sector hundreds of millions of pounds each year – and that’s only the reported crimes. From expensive heavy machinery and building tools to metal, timber, fuel and other supplies, construction sites that are not effectively secured make for easy pickings for unscrupulous thieves. Likewise, construction sites are commonly targeted by vandals, from arson to fly-tipping, graffiti and breakages.

Whether you’re up against anti-social behaviour from rowdy teenagers, or have vital plant stolen by organised thieves, theft and vandalism can have a significant impact on your construction project and business. From the financial loss of replacements and costly downtime to unhappy clients from missed deadlines, it’s vital to ensure your construction site is as secure as possible.

Site hoarding is a vital factor in your security strategy, robustly protecting your perimeter from unauthorised access by thieves and vandals alike, for safe and productive operation. Depending on your security budget and requirements, you can select from a wide range of hoarding materials with varying durability, security and installation options, typically including galvanised steel, timber and aluminium variants.. For those with high-security needs, site hoarding can be boosted with anti-climb devices, barbed wire, razor wire, rotating spikes or mesh tops, increasing the height of the barrier and providing a greater deterrent.

  1. Ensure the health and safety of the public

Construction sites can be dangerous places to be, full of potential hazards such as moving vehicles, falling objects, construction equipment, noise, dust, vibration, excavations, pits and roadworks. We’re sure you’re aware of your responsibility to reduce any risk to your workers, with sufficient training and the right PPE, but you’re legally obliged to focus on more than your employees’ safety. In line with the Health & Safety Executive’s Construction (Design and Management) Regulations and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, you need to prioritise public safety and ensure that any construction activities don’t pose a risk to the public – so far as is reasonably practical.

By creating a visible barrier around your construction site and prohibiting access by members of the public who might wander in without safety gear, site hoarding should be one of your first considerations. Protect the general public from serious injury – and your business from the expensive legal fees of compensation claims.

  1. Keep your project private & minimise the impact to your local community

In addition to security and public safety, construction hoarding allows you to maximise the privacy of your site. If you’re undertaking construction for a client who needs the build to be confidential from the public and their competitors, you can shield the site from prying eyes with site hoarding – particularly useful in data centres and tech facilities, or for projects where wiring layouts and access points need to be kept to those in the know.

In addition, you may find that building codes in certain areas require construction sites to minimise visual distraction and their unsightly appearance. To prevent your construction site being an eyesore to the local community, site hoarding can improve the aesthetics of your site, and minimise the annoyance of any disgruntled residents. By keeping your site private, site hoarding has the additional benefit of removing distractions which could potentially cause accidents, especially if your site is located next to a pavement or by the roadside.

  1. Generate brand awareness

Beyond their basic functions, site hoarding also provides a great opportunity to boost your business. Offering ample space to showcase your logo and website, create intrigue with future project plans, or simply announce the beginning of construction, branded site hoarding can be a great marketing tool, especially in prime locations with high footfall and passing traffic, or those that are close to public transport routes. In comparison to investing in large billboards, advertising on site hoarding that is vital for your construction site anyway is a win-win for cost-effectiveness!

Why choose site hoarding from Direct Fencing & Contracting?

With effective construction site hoarding, you can make sure your project has the protection it needs. Keeping your equipment and supplies in, and unauthorised people out, it’s a vital aspect to consider for any construction job you undertake. When choosing a site hoarding contractor, it’s important to ensure that you work with a reputable provider who adheres to the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Construction Regulations, helping to prevent costly accidents and potential security breaches.

At Direct Fencing & Contracting, we have many years experience in erecting site hoarding across the Midlands, with an extensive portfolio of different applications. Whether you are looking for common security hoarding for an industrial site, or a bespoke solution for domestic or commercial environments, we can offer freestanding hoardings, temporary solid and mesh hoardings, wooden hoardings, fixed hoardings, palishoard hoardings and crowd barriers to suit your needs.

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